Equity Memberships

Located among the Ponderosa Pines in Payson Arizona, The Rim Golf Club is a spectacular facility. The golf course was designed by the duo of Tom Weiskopf and Jay Morrish, and the beautiful and spacious clubhouse has breathtaking views of the Granite Dells and the Mogollon Rim. The facilities also include a pool, jacuzzi, tennis court, gym and full service spa. The club was originally developed as an equity club that would be turned over to the members once the property was fully developed. Equity memberships were created by the original developer, and purchased by individuals who invested early in the club, either as Founder or Charter Members, as part of the Rim Country LLC or as Regular Members. 172 equity memberships have been issued, and no new ones will be added.

The real golf related assets of The Rim Golf Club Inc (golf course and club house) were sold in 2011 to Black Buffalo LLC, the same company that owns Chaparral Pines GC. However, the equity members own, besides their membership, an equal share of the proceeds of the developer bankruptcy, primarily land and the proceeds from the sale of land. More details are available to prospective buyers.

There are three types of equity memberships: Founder Memberships, Charter Memberships and Regular Memberships. Owners of Founder and Charter Memberships are full members, with all the attendant privileges, of both The Rim Golf Club and The Golf Club of Chaparral Pines. Owners of resale F/C Memberships pay the same dues as Regular Members, but there are also some differences in resignation policy. All dues paying members have an equal vote in matters of business pertaining to The Rim Golf Club Inc. To see the specific differences between membership categories, click here.

At present, there are several memberships for sale in each category, some at very attractive prices. For more information, please contact us using our email form on our contact page or contact our Membership Director, Jon Weakly, by phone at (928)468-8307 or by email at rimjont@gmail.com.